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About Abbot

Abbot Building Restoration Company, Inc. was founded in 1936, incorporated in 1963, and currently employs a number of building technology and construction specialists. The firm is DCAM Certified with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, licensed, and insured. All craftsmen are directly employed by the company and are OSHA certified.


Abbot provides a broad range of masonry construction services to public, institutional, and commercial clients, including condominiums, property management entities, and private residences. The firm also acts as a general contractor for a variety of masonry building construction projects.

Our Commitment

Abbot is committed to providing effective single source solutions, quality workmanship, the utmost safety, and devoted customer service on each and every project. We assist our customers in understanding the existing conditions that should be addressed before these issues become larger, more complex problems.

Toward that end, we develop preventive maintenance plans to meet the specific need of each customer based on specific property conditions and cost considerations. These plans provide building owners and property managers with a road map to prioritize, budget, and perform required maintenance proactively.

Small Projects Division

  • Specializes in structures ranging from 1-3 stories to buildings up to 60 feet high
  • Service areas: condominiums, apartments, small office buildings, private residences
  • Works primarily with building owners, condominium associations, property managers

Large Projects Division

  • Specializes in structures higher than 60 feet
  • Service areas: commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings
  • Works primarily with building owners and condominium associations, management companies, consultants, architects/engineers

No matter the size of the building, Abbot is dedicated to providing solutions to building deficiency problems related to climate conditions (freeze/thaw cycles) and other weather exposure issues, sealant failures, and normal “wear and tear” deficiencies that must be addressed to properly maintain an aging structure.

Design/Build Services

Our design/build expertise allows us to collaborate with building owners and architects/engineers toward a functional, cost effective, and well-executed project. The closed loop capability enables our project team to propose value-engineering solutions to meet virtually any masonry requirement. Further, our efficient operations team allows us to “fast track” projects to meet tight production schedules.

Our Leadership Team


Steven Diodati, President, maintains the efficiency of the firm’s project operations, including construction scheduling and production. In addition, he is responsible for quality assurance and the integrity of craftsmanship and materials provided for each project. He also assumes responsibilities in the areas of contract work and client negotiations.


Michael E. Norman, Consultant, brings over 40 years of construction industry experience to the firm. He assumes responsibilities in assisting in the overall performance of the company.

Michael Diodati, Director, is primarily responsible for coordinating day-to-day operations for Abbot’s Large Project Division, including managing multiple crews and maintaining the construction schedule.


Jay Norman, Director, is responsible for internal liaison between repair and restoration projects, and for coordinating day-to-day operations for Abbot’s Small Projects Division.

Michael Norman, represents the second generation while Jay Norman and the Diodati brothers represent the third generation of hands-on leadership for the firm. Since all four are descendants of the founding principals, they take pride in this family-oriented management approach.

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