Using Drone Technology for Building Inspection


Using Drone Technology for Building Inspection

Engineers often have to face the challenge of inspecting tall or structurally deficient buildings. Situations involving high rise buildings, towers, or steep roofs may be not safe or may be inaccessible for a human inspection.

Telescopic man-lifts and scaffolding setups can be very costly and even require the building owner to shut down the business during the installation. Inspections from hanging scaffold rigs limit what is visible. These situations call for drone technology.

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High resolution image of a high rise building captured with a drone camera.

Drones can quickly elevate and fly to the highest edges of a building in a matter of seconds. The ability to view these heights from the safety of the ground is a huge plus.

Most drones are controlled by utilizing a smart phone. The images and videos are saved to a memory card in the drone and can easily get transferred to a tablet or laptop. Video segments can get shared with the building owner, fellow engineers, and facility managers to help interpret the structural condition of the building. Knowing the full extent of the deterioration, engineers can draw up their plans more precisely. Therefore, associated restoration costs become more precise.

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