Maintenance Practices

ABOUT Maintenance Practices

A proven strategy in maintaining the integrity of masonry structures is a combination of thorough periodic inspections and well-designed and well-implemented repairs. Responsible maintenance practices call for a visual inspection of a masonry building every year or two to check for obvious signs of deterioration.

As a service to our clients, Abbot provides comprehensive inspections of the exterior building facade, foundation, and roof. As part of the changing climate in the industry, building envelope consulting engineers and architects have become more prominent in providing specific recommendations for remedial actions.

In fact, an ordinance issued by the City of Boston in 1995 mandates that a visual inspection of every building over 70 feet high and a close up inspection of every building over 125 feet high be conducted by a licensed architect or engineer once every 5 years. Abbot works with leading consultants to inspect the structure and to recommend effective maintenance solutions.

The first and most important step in repair of masonry structures is to identify and correct the cause of the damage. It is essential to solve the problem that caused the damage before the repair is made. Otherwise, the problem can surface again.

Remedial actions should be evaluated by priority and urgency. Safety issues, such as loose and crumbling masonry, should be addressed immediately. Repair or replacement of deteriorated elements, treatment of potential problem areas, and routine maintenance should be prioritized based on budgetary and scheduling considerations.

Knowledgeable contractors using quality materials can safeguard an owner’s investment, preserve the appearance of the structure, and potentially add to its value.


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