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Getting To the Point. Brick Pointing That Is.

Ever wonder goes into the brick pointing process and how it could go wrong? If so, you won’t want to miss this article.

Commercial Masonry Restoration: A Look Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what goes into a successful commercial masonry restoration project? Well, now is your chance to see behind the scenes.

Sealants and Masonry Repair: An Inside Look

Masonry sealers are used in various applications for a myraid of beneficial reasons. Here is your inside look.

Concrete Building Repair: Stronger Is Not Always Better

You might think that stronger is better for concrete building repair. However, when mortar is concerned, this is not necessarily the case.

Cold Weather Masonry Building Restoration

Cold weather requires a change in procedure, equipment, and sometimes supplies to achieve ideal results from brick masonry repair. Here’s a look.

Boston Exterior Facades: What are Quoins?

Abbott recently restored the facades in two adjacent buildings. During the restoration process, we cut and rearranged brick, then replaced the deteriorated “quoins” between the brick headers. So, just what are “quoins” anyway?

Masonry Restoration: Eco-Friendly Concrete

Often misunderstood, concrete masonry is an excellent choice for several reasons. Here’s a look at the beneficial features of opting for concrete.

Masonry Restoration: Understanding Wythe

A wythe is a single layer of brick that can function independently or interlocked with another adjoining wythe. Serving as either a structural or non-structural component of a building, this system provides several beneficial features.

3 Types of Masonry Brick Walls

There are three major styles of masonry brick walls: solid, cavity, and veneer. Each style has its own unique features and individual strengths.

Concrete Repair Operations: An In-Depth Look

Concrete repair is a precise process requiring specific technique, material, and expertise. This article takes an in-depth look at the elements needed to ensure the highest-quality of masonry work.

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