Brick Pointing


Brick Pointing

brick pointing

Brick pointing, or repointing, refers to the process of applying mortar into the gaps between bricks.  Pointing is an essential part of the finishing phase of wall construction, as it provides a layer of protection.  Weather elements such as rain and snow can deteriorate brick.  Brick pointing enables the gaps to become watertight ensuring a sound structure for years to come.

The pointing process is relatively simple for proper application:

  1. Mix and pour mortar into a bucket
  2. Locate any gap in between the bricks
  3. Using a pointing tool, press mortar into cracks
  4. Allow the mortar to dry completely

The longevity of the mortar application is dependent not only on the quality of the mortar used, but also on the frequency and severity of weather elements to which the structure may be exposed.  Any breakdown of the mortar can result in water leakage.  Thus, it is always best to address the issue as soon as you notice it.  Should you see cracks occurring, it may be time to consider repointing.  Brick repointing ensures the continued life of your structure.

When repointing, an essential step of the process involves the removal of any cracked existing mortar. Standard industry practice is to remove mortar by mechanically grinding the brick joints with specialized diamond blades sized to the width of the joint.  The depth should be a minimum of ¾” deep.  After the removal is complete, all remaining brick and joints should be cleaned and dampened.  The new mortar can then be applied.  Mortar application should occur in layers to ensure proper bonding to any existing mortar and brickwork.

Although brick pointing and repointing are attainable self-projects, it is typically best to call a professional.  The use of proper tools and techniques is essential to maintaining a strong, protected structure.  Founded in 1936, Abbot Building Restoration provides a broad range of masonry construction and repair services.  Committed to providing effective, quality workmanship with the utmost safety, Abbot is devoted to customer service. Contact us today at (617) 445-0274 if you require masonry restoration services of any kind.




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