Brick Repair: Preventing Water Damage


Brick Repair: Preventing Water Damage

It’s spring in New England, and that means wet weather. And with wet weather comes the potential for water damage. Water damage to brick can be a serious issue, as it can cause deterioration of the brickwork and weaken the structural integrity of a building. Preventing water damage is an important part of routine brick repair and maintenance.


Here are some of the ways we prevent water damage to brick buildings.


Install Proper Drainage

Ensuring that water is draining away from the building rather than pooling around the foundation is essential. Installing downspouts and regularly cleaning gutters and drains is a simple but important step in preventing water damage to any building. In some cases, you may need to install a drainage system to divert water away from the building. This is often necessary in areas with a high water table or frequent flooding.


Apply Water-Repellent Sealant

A water-repellent sealer can help to protect the brickwork from water damage by preventing moisture from penetrating the surface of the bricks. It’s best to have a professional apply this kind of sealant to ensure maximum effectiveness. A professional will also know how often to reapply sealant so that your brickwork stays protected from moisture.


Repair Cracks and Gaps

Any cracks or gaps in the brickwork can allow water to penetrate and cause damage. It’s important to repair these as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You also need to keep an eye on the condition of the mortar. The mortar joints between bricks can deteriorate over time, allowing water to seep in and cause damage. Regular maintenance and repairs can help to prevent this, including brick pointing when necessary.


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Brick Repair by Abbot Building Restoration

To prevent water damage or any deterioration to brick buildings of any age, regular inspections by an expert masonry contractor are a must. At Abbot Building Restoration Co., we have a team of experts who will inspect your property and recommend repairs and routine maintenance. Although we’re always ready for a major brick repair and restoration job, the best way to preserve your building is to stay on top of the minor repairs and regular maintenance needs.


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