Commercial Masonry Restoration: A Look Behind the Scenes


Commercial Masonry Restoration: A Look Behind the Scenes

commercial masonry restoration

Commercial masonry restoration requires extensive industry experience and knowledge. As a major undertaking, even the smallest miscalculation can throw a project off deadline and budget. Because of this, many commercial restoration projects require a multi-phased approach. Here, we’re taking you behind the scenes of a project in Boston that required just that.


About commercial masonry restoration

When dealing with commercial masonry restoration, a design/build team is called in. This team helps to coordinate all details from the initial concept through completion. Working as a single entity, this team ensures all needs, goals, timelines, and budget requirements of the client are met.

For this project, Abbot Restoration teamed with CBI Consulting, Inc. to create a three-year delivery on restoring two historic buildings located in downtown Boston.


Phase 1

The first phase generally begins with demolition. Demolition may include complete removal or the removal of specific failing elements. Once complete, repairs to deteriorated steel columns, rebricking corners, and other repairs are conducted. As with any repair, the focus is to reinforce the structure’s strength. However, it is also imperative to match new elements with the existing for flawless precision.


Phase 2

Depending on the exact needs of the building, phase two continues with structural fixes and reinforcements. Often, elements deteriorate for various reasons requiring restoration. Depending on those reasons, one piece may require attention before the next – creating the multi-phase approach.


Phase 3

Now that the structure is sound on both the interior and exterior, scaffolding can take place. Often, this phase proves tricky due to pedestrian traffic and other external obstacles. However, with the right timing, tools, and expertise, the result is a beautifully restored building.

For a more detailed look at the restoration of 10 Milk Street and 294 Washington Street, click here.


masonry restoration


When it comes to commercial masonry restoration, Abbot Building Restoration is your solution. With decades of experience, knowledge, and resources, you can have confidence in our ability to complete your project. All with the highest levels of success. From creating a multi-phased plan to the intricate craftsmanship required, our team delivers results that have your commercial building looking brand new.

For more information on the commercial masonry restoration services offered by Abbot Building Restoration, contact our team today by calling (617) 445-0274.

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