Concrete Uses Depend Upon Strength


Concrete Uses Depend Upon Strength

In our Case Study article, we mention that 5000 PSI concrete was used to finish the elevated walkway at the Dexter Southfield School.

Concrete is made up of three main ingredients: water, Portland cement, and aggregates. The ratio of the ingredients changes the properties of the final product, which allows the engineer to design concrete that meets specific needs. Admixtures can be added to adjust the concrete mixture for specific performance criteria.

Concrete Uses Depend Upon Strength

There are many different types, strengths, and compositions of concrete, each with characteristics that make them appropriate for different applications.

Strength is typically determined by compression testing, and is expressed in pounds per square Inch (PSI). Normal concrete mixes range from 2500 PSI to 5000 PSI, with engineered design mixes of 10,000 PSI or higher used in specialized applications. Lower strengths are also available for grouts and other low stress applications. The following are common uses for various strength concrete formulations:

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