Graffiti Prevention and Removal


Graffiti Prevention and Removal

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Many people see graffiti as a modern art as it can bring beauty to a rather lifeless area when executed with care. However, graffiti has its downsides when used in an impulsive, destructive manner. When the graffiti is unwanted on the building, it is seen as an act of vandalism, leading it to be more devastating when you find out that the masonry of your building has been defaced. At Abbot Building Restoration, we offer masonry restoration to remedy unwanted graffiti and return your structure to its original state. Taking measures to ensure that the masonry is not further damaged in the process. 


The impact of masonry work.

Most, if not all, types of masonry is permeable, porous, and sensitive to abrasion, meaning that it is susceptible to all forms of graffiti if not adequately protected. Additionally, the permeability of the surface will be taken into account when trying to decide the best way to remove the damage. The quicker you find the graffiti on your building, the better to prevent additional damage and staining. The longer the unwanted substrate remains on a building, the harder it will be to remove. 


Effectively removing graffiti. 

At Abbot, our experts offer multiple ways to remove graffiti from the face of your building. With brick and stone restoration and cleaning services, we will have your property back to new in no time. Below are a few common techniques utilized.


Typically, a poultice is limited to small-scale cleanings and is a great way to remove graffiti from nearly any surface. Poultice offers a safe and effective way to remove paint as it combines absorbent materials with a cleaning agent to remove the graffiti without redepositing the color. 


Organic solvents are another way to remove graffiti without risking further harm to the structural surface. Further, these solvents are easy to use and do not leave residue or discoloration on the building. However, if the wrong cleaner is applied to the building, increased damage and discoloration to the surface is a risk. Thus, choosing the right team of experienced professionals for your project is essential. 


Can you prevent graffiti?

Graffiti can happen anywhere as taggers generally do not care about the integrity of a building. If you find yourself facing such events, what you do after is imperative. Protecting your building from further occurrences ensures that the masonry work stays intact and durable. However, total prevention is impossible. That said, Abbot Building Restoration can help you take measures such as protective coatings to further incidents less damaging to the masonry surface. 


Masonry Restoration with Abbot Building Restoration

Abbot Building Restoration was founded in 1936 and incorporated in 1963. Our team remains committed to providing you with quality work in masonry restoration, weatherproofing, and regular maintenance on your building. 


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