Boston Brick Repair Initiatives go Green


Boston Brick Repair Initiatives go Green

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In a world more conscious of carbon footprints than ever before, nearly every industry has been challenged to step back to revisit operations. From procedures to resources, utilized materials to travel, every aspect of every industry has room for improvement regarding sustainability efforts. With the masonry industry, brick repair in Boston is at the forefront of the conversation. However, revamped efforts go beyond brick repair to encompass the masonry industry in its entirety. 


Here, the experts from Abbot Building Restoration take a closer look at how the masonry industry focuses on a greener future.


Architects often incorporate brick in their designs for its energy-efficient qualities. Masonry contractors appreciate the durability and ease of construction. Property owners enjoy brick’s aesthetics. No matter what the situation, brick has been and will continue to be a highly desired construction material.

However, as people become more discerning green consumers, they discover products touted for some environmental advantages often have hidden drawbacks. Many times these drawbacks may outweigh the benefits. Because of that, it is vital to examine a product’s life cycle from many perspectives. By doing so, you can understand the environmental effect of its use. In this regard, brick manufacturers have stepped back to examine and reconfigure processes to contribute to the environmental movement.


Greener Manufacturing Process

When one considers the making of brick, there are several reasons to consider the industry extremely damaging to the environment. From deforestation during clearing to the heavy machinery and factories that contribute to harmful emissions, it may be hard to see the good. With this in mind, it’s imperative to note that today’s brick plants take advantage of alternative energy sources, such as sawdust, agricultural waste products, and burning methane gas captured from landfills. 

Advancements in process technology have resulted in more efficient production methods. Further, waste is minimized because brick can be made with recycled material. Finally, the materials needed to manufacture bricks are abundant throughout the United States, reducing the need for extensive transportation and the associated fuel usage.


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Energy Conservation

When it comes to nationally renowned energy conservation programs, there is one name that nearly every American is familiar with. Its name is Energy Star. This program has established rating systems to account for the sustainability of materials use in nearly every industry. From household appliances to construction materials, Energy Star has become a significant component in the positive changes made. 

Another significant mentionable is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). As one of the most globally recognized green building rating systems, LEED certification is a symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

BPS (Building Performance Standards) is one of the newest industry tools. BPS is similar to energy codes in existing buildings but focuses mainly on new construction. However, whether designing a new brick building or looking for Boston brick repair, knowing what was and what is now expected is imperative. With this in mind, no matter the evaluation test or method, brick’s many positive attributes continue to be highly praised with energy efficiency, renewable energy, and emission reductions.


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