5 Reasons for Concrete Repair in Boston


5 Reasons for Concrete Repair in Boston

As one of the most versatile and durable building materials available, concrete is a proven choice for many commercial and institutional construction projects.  However, concrete is not invulnerable. If not applied and maintained correctly, concrete can deteriorate, causing the need for concrete repair in Boston.  This article highlights the multiple reasons why a concrete structure may be failing.


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Construction or design errors

Construction or design errors may occur when plans deviate from original specifications or standards.  Errors such as the absence of drip edges or incorrect spacing between control joints are two examples of potential structural problems.


Improper reinforcing bar coverage

Reinforcing bar (“rebar”) is often used to provide added support to a concrete structure. However, improper measurement or coverage of concrete with the rebar can lead to deterioration of the structure, resulting on the need for concrete repair.


Chemical usage

Certain chemicals may also cause deterioration when used in excess amounts or improperly.  For example, although deicers used during the harsh New England winters can help eliminate the freeze-thaw cycle, chemicals used in the deicers can also cause your concrete to break down.

Acid present in many chemical cleaning compounds can react with the calcium hydroxide in concrete to form calcium compounds. These compounds can slowly attack the integrity of the concrete causing deterioration to occur.


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Efflorescence in concrete is a whitish colored powdered deposition of salts on the concrete surface that is formed due to evaporation of water from the concrete. This is most often caused when water soluble salts form on the surface when water evaporates from the concrete.


Spalling and Delamination

Spalling and delamination are usually the result of internal pressure caused by corroding reinforcing steel. Spalls are areas where concrete has broken away from the wall. Delaminations are areas where the concrete has lost its bond with the reinforcing steel.



To maintain your concrete structure, periodic inspections are recommended by a professional masonry contractor like those at Abbot Building Restoration.  Should remedial action be necessary, our team is committed to providing effective concrete repair in Boston with the highest quality workmanship and customer service.


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