Preserving Structures with Concrete Building Coatings


Preserving Structures with Concrete Building Coatings

Many concrete buildings, especially older buildings, are beautiful structures worth preserving. As building restoration specialists, we have many tools at our disposal to keep these buildings in good condition, both structurally and visually. One of those tools is concrete building coatings. These are protective layers that we apply to the surfaces of concrete structures to enhance their durability and aesthetics. There are multiple types of coatings. Some are meant for building exteriors, while others are for sidewalks and concrete floors.


Here are some examples of common concrete building coatings.



If water penetrates concrete, it can cause moisture-related damage. It becomes an especially serious problem in the winter. Water expands when it freezes, so if water penetrates concrete and then freezes, it can lead to cracking, crumbling, and other structural damage. At other times of the year, retained moisture can allow moss to grow or even lead to mold problems. A waterproof coating seals the concrete to keep it dry and structurally sound.



Depending on the location and environment, buildings can be exposed to harsh substances, such as acids, alkalis, or salts. An anti-corrosion coating protects the concrete from these chemicals and substances, preventing it from corroding or breaking down prematurely. This type of coating is only necessary in certain circumstances, so it’s best to consult with a professional first.



A building is more than just a structure, it’s also part of the landscape. Commuters, residents, and visitors see your building every day, so you don’t want it to be an eyesore. Decorative coatings enhance the appearance of concrete and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. They are often used to accentuate certain architectural features, such as columns, arches, or decorative elements.


Thermal Barrier

Thermal barrier coatings help reduce heat transfer through concrete surfaces, providing insulation and energy efficiency. This coating is useful in both hot and cold climates, as it helps to maintain the temperature within the building, greatly reducing energy consumption.


There are other types of concrete coatings that are meant for surfaces like sidewalks and floors. These include:


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