Stucco Repair


Stucco Repair

Masonry repair in Boston from AbbotWhen exposed to weather, such as sun, rain and snow, older or poorly cured stucco surfaces can become faded, worn, or even cracked. However, as long as cracks are not wide enough to allow water to pass through them, a new finish treatment can bring stucco surfaces back to near original condition.

An easy, straightforward solution can consist of a Portland cement-based paint or a slurry of cement and pigments, sometimes called a “fog coat”. Does the building need a “new look?’ This can be accomplished simply by updating the color. Today, pigments are compatible with cement-based materials and are durable over long periods of time.

It is important to make sure that the stucco walls are structurally sound so that there are no hidden problems before beginning any repair. Should significant damage be found due to moisture infiltration, building settlement, or other environmental factors, it is best to consult a professional masonry contractor, such as Abbot Building Restoration. A poorly executed repair might only mask the problem until even more damage is done.

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