Masonry Restoration: Understanding Wythe


Masonry Restoration: Understanding Wythe
A "wythe" is a continuous vertical section of masonry.
A “wythe” is a continuous vertical section of masonry.



No, that’s not a spelling error. “Wythe” is a term used to describe a continuous vertical section of masonry work. This system is not only efficient for masonry restoration, but it is an economical solution as well. A wythe is a single layer of brick that can function independently or interlocked with another adjoining wythe. Serving as either a structural or non-structural component of a building, this system provides several beneficial features.



Single wythe masonry

Single wythe is a method of masonry utilizing a single layer of brick to perform as both the structure and the wall. This technique is ideal for exterior and interior walls as it provides a finished architectural surface on both sides.

However, a single wythe that is not used as a structural component is referred to as a veneer. This type of wythe is commonly used to add aesthetics and visual appeal to a building. Brick veneer is one example of a single wythe and provides more of a siding component to a building than structure or insulation.



Multi-wythe masonry

On the other hand, multi-wythe walls are a structural part of a building used to increase the wall thickness. The added depth improves support, protection, and stability in areas that may be deteriorating. Using multiple wythes allows for one section to avoid exposure to the outdoor elements, making for a more durable structural wall.

Using multiple wythes also increases insulation capabilities. The area in between two wythes, or the cavity, is an airspace that is used to provide a structure with additional insulating material. These structures also allow for better weatherproofing, since water that enters the exterior is allowed to escape through the cavity space. Multi-wythes can either use all the same or different types of masonry. One example is the use of an economical concrete block behind a more expensive brick used for a more attractive and appealing exterior surface.



Wythe masonry restoration benefits

As with any restoration project, choosing the right type of masonry solution for the given needs will provide a range of benefits. Wythe masonry restoration is no exception. However, below is a general idea of a few beneficial features offered by wythe:



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