Weatherproofing | Your Guide to Masonry Repair


Weatherproofing | Your Guide to Masonry Repair

Masonry brick and concrete are among the most durable building components available. However, both of these materials will deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. This is especially important in the Northeast region, where the ever-changing weather brings a variety of elements.  With the correct weatherproofing techniques, you can effectively protect your structure for years to come, providing peace of mind that expensive masonry repair may be avoided – or at least prolonged.


Here, the team from Abbot Building Restoration delves into the various methods of weatherproofing and the benefits of each.



With technology continuously making advances, the methods available for structure protection are always breaking new ground. For instance, let’s consider clear coatings. The state-of-the-art coating is based on silicone, silane, and siloxane compounds that penetrate into brick and masonry surfaces. Intended to provide long-term protection for your structural needs, coatings are available in a variety of finishes to give your building the look you envision.  

Pigmented coatings, for example, penetrate the masonry surface to change the surface to your desired color. Based with advanced water-based acrylic or elastomeric materials, these coatings are a perfect solution to not only enhance the masonry surface but, also, protect it for years to come.



Another essential component of proper masonry weatherproofing falls with proper sealing methods. Whether brick or concrete, sealing helps to prevent water from penetrating into the surface. Although sealers are not considered waterproof, they are water-resistant. When properly applied, sealers help fill hairline cracks or separations – providing protection from the damaging freeze/thaw cycles of the varying New England seasons.

Most coatings and sealers can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. However, when choosing your product, be sure to select from well-known manufacturers with strong track records for the most dependable products. Further, area testing should be performed before application to an entire surface. Remember, following the manufacturer’s recommendations is imperative.


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Are you in need of masonry repair?

Although coating and sealing have become a DIY project for many, it’s always best to consult a professional when it concerns weatherproofing and masonry repair projects. At Abbot Building Restoration, we have a qualified team of experts that can guide you in the right direction.  Contact us today at (617) 445-0274 to learn more about different ways to extend the longevity of your building. 


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