Boston Exterior Facades: What are Quoins?


Boston Exterior Facades: What are Quoins?

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Recently, our team at Abbot Building Restoration restored two elaborate exterior facades in Boston. The buildings were restored through intricate cutting and rearranging of the existing brick. The team then replaced the deteriorated quoins located between the brick headers. Although quoin is an everyday term for those involved in masonry construction, for others, it’s speaking in a foreign tongue. Because understanding each detail of your restoration project is essential, we’re taking this opportunity to provide you with an inside look at the distinctive style and purpose of a quoin.




By the strictest definition, a quoin is defined as an external angle or outside corner of a building. Or, more often, a quoin refers to the stones used to form that angle. The cornerstone serves both a structural and decorative purpose, as it often differs in color, texture, and sometimes the size of the primary masonry materials.

Historically, the cornerstone was the first stone set during the construction process. This element helped define the remainder of the project by providing a guideline for proper alignment on the remaining masonry pieces. Distinguished from other features of the building, the cornerstone (or quoin) serves as a decorative guideline as well as reinforcement. Often, this element provides strength to the corners of buildings made from less robust materials.



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As with many masonry restoration elements, the addition of quoins allows for a unique look and feel to your building. With a variety of application methods, building owners can quickly distinguish their structure from the next. Generally, quoins made of brick are the same length on each corner of the building with uniform height space between levels. However,  when utilizing concrete, quoins are built-up and then cut-out, requiring great skill and precision.


When considering masonry restoration for the exterior facades of your Boston-based commercial or industrial building, consider the incorporation of quoins. These decorative elements add a unique touch of elegance that distinguishes your building from the rest.


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