When Does a Commercial Building Need Brick Sealing?


When Does a Commercial Building Need Brick Sealing?

Brick sealing is one of the many tools masonry restoration specialists have at their disposal to preserve the life and look of brick buildings. Although they have many desirable properties as a building material, bricks can also absorb water, break down in direct sunlight, and suffer from the effects of air pollution. Fortunately, brick sealing can mitigate these problems. When it comes to brick sealing in Boston, no one knows more or does it better than Abbot Building Restoration.


Here’s what our experts have to say about when a commercial building in Boston needs brick sealing.


Weather Conditions

For the sealant to properly adhere to the surface of the brick, it needs to be clean and dry. If you apply sealant during a period of heavy rain or snow, the moisture will impair its performance. Direct sunlight can also affect brick sealant. If the sealant is exposed to direct sunlight while it is drying, it can deteriorate sooner than it should and therefore fail to protect the brick. For best results, brick sealing should always happen in dry, mild weather.


Traffic and Environment

Compared to residential properties, commercial buildings experience higher levels of traffic and exposure to environmental factors. How frequently a building needs brick sealing depends on the level of traffic it experiences and the kind of environment it is exposed to. The areas that experience higher foot traffic may require more frequent sealing than the rest of the building. Buildings along busy roads may also require more frequent sealing, as pollutants from passing vehicles can build up on the brick.


Maintenance Schedule

The most important part of preserving any building is keeping up with routine maintenance. To ensure that a brick building stays in excellent condition and continues to look good, the best thing to do is set up a maintenance schedule. Including brick sealing in that schedule will ensure that the building will resist the signs of minor damage and wear.


Brick Sealing Boston | Abbot Building Restoration

At Abbot Building Restoration, we are dedicated to preserving and maintaining historic buildings and masonry. Our city is known for its beautiful buildings, and our goal is to help building owners preserve them and Boston’s famous façades. Brick sealing in Boston is just one of the many services we provide, but it is also one of the most important.


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