Brutalist Architecture Increases Concrete Restoration in Massachusetts


Brutalist Architecture Increases Concrete Restoration in Massachusetts

Concrete restoration in Massachusetts is one of the most sought after services, especially in Boston. Beyond City Hall, several buildings in the city are built under the architectural style known as brutalism. Said to be the reaction against the architecture of the 1940s, this trend used raw concrete to create ‘raw art.’ At Abbot Building Restoration Company, we take great pride in offering superior concrete restoration services that allow such dignified buildings to remain in a state of their natural beauty.

In this article, we’re taking a deeper look at brutalist architecture within Boston.


But first.

To understand the impressiveness of these buildings, one must first understand what brutalism is. A rough name for a period of architecture that brought such beauty. Brutalist buildings are characterized by minimalist construction techniques that showcase an extremely decorative design with an exposed, unpainted concrete surface.

While some remain critical of this architectural era, in 2006, many Bostonian architects pushed for a rebranding of the time. Efforts to rename the style to “heroic architecture” these architects hoped to drop the negative connotations associated with the term brutalism.


Boston City Hall

As a leading example of brutalist architecture in America, Boston City Hall was completed in 1968. Built entirely from concrete, inside and out, the elevated walkways, distinct exterior design, and tripartite façade require great attention to maintain the integrity. Concrete grid ceilings, concrete pillars, and concrete interior walls are a few other elements that provide City Hall with the attention it has gathered since its inception.

So, what does it take to maintain such a structure?


concrete restoration ma


Massachusetts Concrete Restoration

In Massachusetts, concrete restoration is among some of the highest sought after services, especially here at Abbot Building Restoration. Specializing in small and large projects, the Abbot team is dedicated to providing solutions that restore and maintain original designs and integrity of concrete buildings, among others.

While concrete is among the most durable building materials available, it can also quickly deteriorate without proper maintenance. For example, spalling occurs as the result of internal pressure causing the concrete to break away from the wall. On a building’s façade, spalling can signify more extensive structural damage within the building.



Abbot Building Restoration

Many of the original brutalist buildings have fallen victim to demolition. However, many more remain. Beyond Boston City Hall, Madison Park High School, Mass General Brigham, and the Boston Five Cents Savings Bank are a few more notable buildings.

Here at Abbot Building Restoration, our experts take great pride in helping preserve historical eras with superior concrete restoration services. From addressing insufficient concrete applications to realigning columns, we can help bring your concrete building back to its former glory.


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