Enhancing Mortar Performance


Enhancing Mortar Performance

Commercial masonry restoration in MA from AbbotAt Abbot Building Restoration commercial masonry restoration in MA is what we do best. Therefore, regularly researching new ways to enhance material performance is key.

Masons have successfully used mortar made from only sand or portland cement for more than a century. As useful as that simple mortar is, various additives can immensely improve its performance.


Remember, mortar is not concrete. It needs a few additional properties to allow efficient construction of a quality masonry wall. The most important fresh mortar properties are workability and water retention. Finished masonry needs a stronger bond between the mortar and the units than could be achieved with a straight cement mortar. That is why lime is added to the mortar. Mortar made with some proportion of lime has greater plasticity, bonds more strongly, and shrinks less than a straight cement mortar.

Water-Repellent Admixtures

A masonry wall’s greatest weakness is its inability to prevent water penetration. Water-repellent admixtures added to the mortar can lead to more watertight masonry walls. These admixtures are polymer emulsions that make the mortar much less permeable. Because water is unable to move easily through the mortar, these admixtures also reduce or eliminate efflorescence.

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