Keeping Bricks High and Dry


Keeping Bricks High and Dry

Bricks delivered to the job site are often left exposed to weather conditions for some time before they are used. If proper precautions are not taken, the finished appearance of the joints can be adversely affected. For example, if bricks arrive saturated from heavy rain wearing covered in plastic shrink wrap they will have no chance to dry. And if the ground is cool and damp, drying of the brick will be almost impossible.

A few simple steps can alleviate these potential problems:a5edfccb-4d21-4032-8197-2648d703c690

1. Upon delivery, remove the shrink wrap from the brick cubes.

2. Move the brick materials onto a pallet on high, well drained ground.

3. Circulate air around the pallet with a high speed fan.

Moisture can be the number one enemy to bricks even before installation. Keeping bricks high and dry will go a long way toward a successful end result.

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