Masonry Building Restoration | Back to the Roots


Masonry Building Restoration | Back to the Roots

Masonry building restoration is an inevitable task. However, the extent of the restoration needed can often depend on the original basework. At Abbot Building Restoration, we’re committed to providing quality workmanship that ensures the best results for years to come. Here, we’re taking a closer look at a few of the most common brick bonds used within the masonry industry and how each provides strength and durability.


Wall Brick Bonds


A running bond is a style of applying a bonding agent between bricks. Bricks are staggered by ½ brick from the course above and below. This classic one-over-two pattern creates a simple bond for classic wall construction and, by far, is one of the most popular and widely used. Providing the highest level of strength and durability to any wall construction, it’s no wonder running bond tops the charts with masonry builds.



After running bond construction comes stack bond when ranking popularity. Stack bond provides extreme durability with all bricks laid in a grid of identical courses. In other words, bricks are laid in an all-vertical pattern atop one another to align joints and create a grid appearance. While it offers great strength, stack bonds are generally utilized for decorative interior wall construction.



The common bond construction method utilizes running bond with intermittent header bricks. These headers provide structural support as well as decorative aesthetics. This method, sometimes called American Bond, typically hosts between three and nine courses or stretchers between headers. The brickwork lays quickly and is a method used in exterior load-bearing walls.


masonry building restoration


Similar to the Common Bond, the English Bond is one of the most commonly used variations. This style utilizes a rotating pattern of alternating courses of stretchers and headers. Headers are laid centered over the stretchers and each alternate row is vertically aligned. If you’re looking for a strong single brick wall construction, English Bond provides the results you seek.


Of course, these are just a few of the options when it comes to brickwork and masonry building restoration. For more information or an estimate on repairing your property, please contact our experts today by calling 617.445.0274


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