Brick Repair: DIY or Call The Experts?


Brick Repair: DIY or Call The Experts?

Brick is a timeless building material. It comes with a feeling of permanence, history, and classic design. And while knowing a building has lasted the test of time brings with it a certain charm, you don’t want those signs of age to lead to structural damage. If you notice areas of your brick that are in need of repair, it can be tempting to do it yourself if it seems minor. But masonry is a specialized skill and one best left to the experts if you need brick repair in Massachusetts.

Let’s look at the reasons why the pros are best equipped to handle brick repair in Massachusetts.


Masons have expert knowledge.

Masonry is much more than bricks and mortar. When repairing brickwork, masons take into account the age of the building, which will help them determine the composition of the bricks and mortar. If you attempt to repair masonry from the 1930s with modern mortar, you can cause further damage to the bricks. Professional masons will know the right materials to use to not only match the look of your brickwork but also to ensure that the repair doesn’t cause any further damage.


Brick repair requires the right equipment.

Masons have the right tools to repair aging or damaged brickwork. These tools include trowels, masonry hammers, masonry saws, mixing tools, blocking chisels, and more. Even though there is nothing blocking amateurs from purchasing these tools for themselves, using them properly is another matter. Professional masons train for years to learn about building with brick and repairing brickwork. Even with the right tools, a DIY-er will not achieve the results a professional mason can.


Hiring a professional will actually save you money.

The reason most people choose to DIY a repair is to save money. If you attempt a repair but you don’t know what you’re doing, you are likely to cause further damage. So in the end, you’ll have to call in a professional, anyway. By the end of it, you’ll have spent money on tools and materials, plus the added expense of paying a mason. It’s best to just call in the pros from the beginning.


Professional Brick Repair in Massachusetts by Abbot Building Restoration

If you own a brick building, no matter its age, Abbot Building Restoration can take care of all your repair and restoration needs. When you need brick repair in Massachusetts, our team at Abbot Building Restoration are the experts to call.


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