“Mastclimber” Platforms


“Mastclimber” Platforms

Scaffolding has been used by workers to scale the exterior of tall buildings for repairs, painting, or expansion. Over time, scaffolding has evolved through technology and material developments that have made these platforms stronger, safer, more efficient, and productive, to satisfy the increasing needs and demands of the construction industry. mast climbers

However, when access to the building from conventional scaffolding is not practical, a “mastclimber” platform can be
a safe, flexible, and efficient alternative.

A “mastclimber” is a vertical tower typically composed of modular stacked units resting on either a mobile chassis or stationary beams, a work platform that travels up and down the tower, and a power drive unit that moves the platform up and down. “Mastclimbers” have been used in Europe since the 1960s and in the U.S. since the 1980s.

The height at which “mastclimbers” are used varies according to their specific application and type of system. The equipment can be customized to suit specific building profiles and project needs, and requires a smaller footprint than conventional scaffolding. In addition, “mastclimbers” have a very large load capacity, allowing vertical transfer of large loads and workers together on a single platform.

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