What is “Value Engineering”?
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What is “Value Engineering”?

Value engineering basically means a systematic and organized approach to provide the necessary functions of a project at the lowest cost.

The concept of value engineering evolved in the 1940s at General Electric, in the midst of World War II. Since there was a shortage of materials and components during the war, GE sought substitutes that reduced costs and offered comparable or improved performance.

Value engineering involves:

  • Identifying the main elements of a product, service, or project.
  • Analyzing the functions of those elements.
  • Developing alternative solutions for delivering those functions.
  • Assessing the alternative solutions.
  • Allocating costs to the alternative solutions.
  • Developing in more detail the alternatives with the highest likelihood of success.

The best results are achieved by a multi-disciplined team with experience and expertise relevant to the project being studied.

At Abbot Building Restoration, we utilize a multi-disciplined team to bring you the best service for all of your masonry restoration needs. Contact Abbot today at 617-445- 0274 or via email at info@abbotbuilding.com.783a9952-960c-4005-ae4f-d1e102ba315f

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