Façade Inspection and Boston Masonry Inspection


Façade Inspection and Boston Masonry Inspection

Masonry restoration is a long and complicated process, especially when we’re dealing with the historic buildings of Boston. In every restoration project, the most important step is always the first. Our first step when restoring masonry is to perform a façade inspection. Before our team can start the careful work of restoration, we have to carefully assess the building so we can take the proper steps to restore it to its former glory.


Façade inspection is a crucial step in Boston masonry restoration. Here’s a closer look at its role in this process.


Identifying Damage

Before we can do anything, we have to know the extent of the damage. There are various types of masonry damage, including spalling, cracks, efflorescence, stains, and weather. Each type of damage requires different skills and materials to repair, we need to know what we’re dealing with.


Assessing Structural Integrity

The structural integrity of the masonry is just as important as its exterior appearance. Signs of instability, such as leaning walls, bulges, and compromised load-bearing elements, will require more work than simple surface repair.


Detecting Moisture Intrusion

Moisture intrusion is a common problem in brick masonry and concrete structures. Over time, water damage can erode mortar joints, cause freeze-thaw damage, and lead to mold growth. By identifying the areas of moisture intrusion penetration, we can address the issue and prevent further water damage.


Assessing Material Condition

The material of the masonry will determine whether we repair or replace the bricks, mortar, concrete, or decorative elements. When the damage is minimal, superficial repairs are often sufficient. However, for very old or severely damaged materials, replacing bricks and mortar joints is usually the best course of action.


Planning Restoration Strategies

Once we have a clear picture of the project ahead, we can start planning restoration strategies. After a thorough façade inspection, we can give the building owners an accurate estimate of the cost and time necessary to complete the restoration.


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At Abbot Buiding Restoration, our mission is to restore and maintain the beautiful and historic buildings of Boston. The first step of façade inspection gives our restoration specialists the information they need to complete the restoration project.


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